Zadok Allen is an Innsmouth citizen first encountered in front of the bar called “The Garden” on Washington Street. He is one of the more friendly townsfolk and could be considered a passive ally.

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First encounter with Zadok Allen

Role in the game : Edit

When first encountered by Jack Walters, Zadok will ensure Jack that he will be willing to talk about town and the missing manager of the First National Grocery Store - Brian Burnham – but only if Jack gives him some booze.

When Jack does so,  Zadok will start the story of Innsmouth and a ship captain called Obed Marsh. He will somewhat speak in riddles and will focus more on Obed Marsh rather than the Deep Ones (he never mentions them by their real name). He will, however, mention the Oaths of Dagon and point Jack’s investigation further towards Thomas Waite.

He seems to have a real grudge towards Esoteric Order and the Marsh family, but the Order tolerates his behaviour since he is a drunkard. He also created quite a reputation in neighbouring towns of Ipswich and Arkham, confirming that he is known there as crazy.

In the end of the story, he warns Jack of the danger he is in, but Jack persists and goes to Thomas Waite’s house. Zadok isn’t seen alive after that. He can later be found in the sewage being beaten to death and taken by the Shoggoth

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Zadok Allen after being beaten to death

Zadok’s story : Edit

"Old Cap’n Obed where it all begun. Telling desperate folks they’d oughta git better gods... them’s that’d answer their prayers.(...) It were around forty-six that many folks in town were done with Obed and his ways.  All that wild preaching, and too many missing,(...) A party of good folks followed Cap’n Obed’s crowd out to reef. Shots were fired. Next day, Obed and some thirty of his followers were in jail. And for weeks all were quiet... till that awful night of forty-six. Them’s from outside reckon on it being a riot. But I see’d ‘em... swarms of ‘em. Twas a massacre... the jail thrown open... mounds of the dead and the dying. Shooting, screaming and shouting all across the town square. Come morning, the mess was cleaned up. Old Obed and his family takes charge, they did. Folks were told to keep shy of strangers if we were knowing what was good for us. Cept the old Cap’n was now deeper in debt to his heathen gods. They were hankering for more than just sacrificing..."

Trivia : Edit

  • In the book “The Shadow over Innsmouth” Zadok’s age is ninety-six which means that both in the book and the game he probably witnessed the Deep Ones attack on Innsmouth
  • For the last thirty-seven years he lived in old Lady Warne’s house and before that near the fishing cannery
  • After his story, talking to Rebecca will reveal some interesting facts about her family