Thomas Waite is an owner of the Variety Store in Innsmouth and the father of Ramona Waite.

Role in the game Edit

In the beginning of Jack’s investigation, Waite is bit of a shrouded figure. Jack soon learns that the Variety Store on the main square is owned by Waite and that there is a rumour around town that the store’s safe holds some ancient treasure. After learning the location of Waite’s house and getting the key from Zadok Allen to the old Lady Warne’s house, Jack arrives at Dock Street where Waite’s house is.

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Thomas Waite crying over Ramona's dead body

Jack finds Ramona, Waite’s daughter, at home but not Waite himself. Deciding to search the house while Waite is absent, he discovers some kind of creature in the attic (Ramona’s Deep One mother). The Deep One then breaks down the door, knocking Jack over and killing Ramona.

Waite, who was at work, returns home only to see the horror that happened. After crying over Ramona’s body, he sees Jack on the stairs, and realising the danger both of them are, gives him the key to the Variety Store. He warns Walters that there is something in the safe that needs to be protected from the Order and he has to get it out of Innsmouth. This “object”, the Book of Dagon, is being kept in the store safe, the combination - being Ramona's birth date - is inside his diary. The inside of the safe is also decorated with an Elder Sign, probably to prevent the townsfolk for getting the manuscript back, implying Thomas knew how to create one.

Shortly after, policemen arrive accusing Waite of killing his daughter. They then drag him off to the jailhouse and Waite, not being able to cope with Ramona’s death, commits suicide. It's probable that he would've been killed either way after the authorities found out he helped Jack stealing the Book of Dagon.

Personality Edit

Thomas Waite seems to be a caring father, regretting his past decision of taking the Third Oath of Dagon. He cares deeply about his daughter, but it is revealed in his diary that the thought of killing her because of her Deep One ancestry crossed his mind. He is shunned by the local community and his reputation in Innsmouth was low. He also seems (but hasn't been confirmed) to be a Christian.

Trivia Edit

  • In the book “The Shadow over Innsmouth” alongside the Marsh, three more families were considered “retiring” (implying their status in the town): Gilmans, Eliots and Waites.
  • Thomas Waite is also a character in the Call of Cthulhu rpg book "Escape from Innsmouth". The whole incident with Ramona can also (and is very likely to) happen. As such, the game developers may have expanded upon this idea to create the hallucinations Jack sees from time to time.