The Starfish

"The door is covered by hostile strain of starfish."
-Jack Walters

Appearance in the gameEdit

The Starfish are first encountered during the chapter "The Esoteric Order of Dagon". A large pile of them will be blocking the door to the Masonic Hall building. Coming close to them will result in some of them attacking Jack by jumping on his face, but doing little damage. Jack will have to use dynamite and liquor to make an explosion, thus destroying the starfish.

While making his way on Devil's Reef, Jack will eventually stumble upon them once again but will not have the means to destroy them.

During the chapter "The Air-Filled Tunnels" they will be encountered once more; this time again blocking the way. Jack will have to use Yithian power weapon to electrify them, opening his way to the Temple of Hydra.

Trivia Edit

  • It is possible to shoot at them (thus preventing them from attacking), but it will not result in permanent damage and after a few seconds they will regenerate.