"Well, well... what do we have here? I don't believe you have an invitation to our little party."

- Sebastian Marsh to Jack Walters on their first meeting in Y'ha-nthlei Edit

Sebastian Marsh is a businessman, a member of the Marsh family, and the elder brother of Robert Marsh.

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Jack Walters coming face-to-face with Sebastian Marsh

He also runs the Marsh Refinery (even though his son, Jacob Marsh, is the official owner) which produces and hoards the wealth of the Marsh family. As such, he's an essential cog in the machine keeping Innsmouth under the Marsh's control.

Biography Edit

Role in the game : Edit

Sebastian is referenced numerous times in the game, but is only encountered by Jack inside Y'ha-nthlei, apparently returning from a business trip. He manages to capture Walters with his underlings and throws him in a cell, presumably to make him a new lab rat.

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Sebastian coming back to Y'ha-ntlhei using a portal

After Jack escapes from the cells, he spies on a conversation between Robert and Sebastian. The latter disregards Robert's faith in Hydra's powers and argues they should escape with the research, before his brother reveals he shut down the lab. Accusing his brother of madness, he was told that the Order had no further use for him, and that he could return to the shore. Infuriated, Sebastian drew a gun at him and shot him in the arm, before Robert killed him using witchcraft.