Ruth Billingham is a half-breed citizen of Innsmouth and Brian Burnham's made.

Role in the game: Edit


Ruth is a member of a powerful and influential Innsmouth family, which is closely related with the Order of Dagon (Ruth's father is a high ranking member). At some point she and Brian had become closer and fell in love. This would not be approved by Ruth's father, so the two kept their relationship a secret.

At some point the pair had become fed up with the situation. They planned to rob Thomas Waite's safe (of which they heard holds a great treasure), but were eventually unsuccessful because Brian was arrested by the Innsmouth police. The possible reasons for this are many, but one is that his store was gaining too much profit (thus taking it from the Order of Dagon), or that Ruth's father learned of their affair and tried to get rid of Brian.

Ruth is first met while trying to open the safe at Waite's store, but she will eventually trust Jack (even giving him a picture of her and Brian together). It will soon become clear that she is oblivious of Brian's whereabouts and will ask the detective to find him. After that she will go to the old fishing cannery, awaiting Jack to return with Brian.

While waiting there a group of Innsmouth citizen will arrive. In fear, she will climb an old ledge and throw the ladders down (most likely thinking that the group is sent by her father to find her). After Jack arrives at the cannery it is possible to save her from death, if the player is fast enough to get to her, if not, she will die falling from the broken ledge.

After saving her, Ruth will accompany Brian and Jack in a truck. During the escape however, Brian will get shot, the truck will roll over and eventually explode, thus killing both Ruth and Brian.

Trivia: Edit

  • While at first she seems like normal looking citizen; a closer look on her fists and face will reveal large hands and murky face typical of the half-breed citizens of Innsmouth.