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First interaction with Rebecca Lawrence

"I have a duty to protect the good in Innsmouth... at least what little good remains"
-Rebecca Lawrence when asked by Jack why she stays in Innsmouth
Rebecca Lawrence is a resident of Innsmouth and a minor character in the first part of Jack's adventure.

Biography : Edit

Her grandfather was John Lawrence (the editor of the Innsmouth Courier) and her father was Innsmouth's minister, but he wouldn't pledge himself to the Order's faith, which he called blasphemy. He was eventually killed. Rebecca learned many things from him regardless, such as the usage of Elder Signs and the existence of a secret passage beneath Innsmouth's church.

It's not clear how many things she knew about the town, but she was well aware of what the Order did to snooping strangers. It seems she was unaware of the Deep Ones existence, as she doesn't even remotely mention them at any time.

Personality : Edit

As for all the healthy citizens in Innsmouth, Rebecca is afraid of the Order of Dagon. But unlike many others, she believes there is still some good in the town that might be saved. She also tries to save Jack at first, and then help him on his investigation, showing some degree of bravery.

Role in the game :Edit

Jack meets her as soon as he arrives in town. He notes that she's a far cry from the other residents of Innsmouth. Yet, at first she will refuse to talk with him about the disappearance of Brian Burnham. However, as the investigation goes on, she will be more open in terms of information. Another meeting will prompt her to show Jack the advantages of the Elder Signs (as no enemy can get to you while close to such a sign).

After Walters returns from Thomas Waite's house, he meets Rebecca again, who will make a remark about his injury (and give the player information about the medical kits' use in-game). When Jack safely escapes the sewers after an ambush at Gilman Hotel, he meets her once again in an abandoned house. The detective tells her that he's been attacked by Innsmouth's townsfolk, prompting Rebecca to direct him to her father's church. Unfortunately, Rebecca dies at the church's doorstep, killed by a gunshot from one of the hybrids chasing them. Jack seems to be genuinely sorry for her death.

Trivia : Edit

  • Unlike Ruth Billingham, it seems impossible for the player to save Rebecca from her fate.
  • She seems to have been created for the game, as no mention of her is made in the RPG books or in Lovecraft's novel "The Shadow Over Innsmouth", upon which a large portion of Dark Corners of the Earth is based off.