"Mummy bites. Daddy says we've got to keep her up there for her own good. (...) When I go near the door, she growls. I don't love Mummy like I love my Daddy."

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Ramona playing with her left pony tail

Ramona Waite is a daughter of Thomas Waite and a half-breed citizen of Innsmouth. During the events of the game she is 10 years old.

Biography Edit

Ramona was born from the union of an unnamed Deep One mother and an Innsmouth citizen Thomas Waite. Her father, even though he loved her unconditionally, thought of even killing her as her 10th birthday (and thus her gradual transformation into a Deep One) approached. He however, was incapable of doing the deed.

Role in the game Edit

When Jack Walters arrived at Waite’s house, Ramona welcomed him inside (even though her father was at work). Walters took the advantage of her father not being home to explore around the house. He eventually arrived at the attic and took a peek inside but was attacked by an angered Deep One mother (which was probably imprisoned by Waite for some time). The Deep One ran down the stairs where she butchered Ramona.

When Jack woke up, hearing the crying of Thomas Waite, he ran downstairs only to witness Waite crying over Ramona’s mutilated body.

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One of Jack's many hallucinations of Ramona

Ramona’s death greatly affected Jack sanity... so much so that he began to hear Ramona’s voice on a regular basis. These hallucinations were so intense that he even began to see her, maybe even questioning her death. However, all these hallucinations are a result of Jack feeling guilty for her death.

Hallucinations of Ramona appear multiple times throughout the game.

Trivia: Edit

  • Ramona was originally created for the Call of Cthulhu rpg book "Escape from Innsmouth". She mostly have the same role and fate in it, even if it is possible (although quite hard) to save her from it.
  • It is implied, through her drawings, that she received visions of Cthulhu (probably because of her gradual transformation into a Deep One)
  • It is unclear why her mother killed her, but it is mentioned in several sources that Deep One parents have a nasty habit of killing their children.
  • One of Ramona's drawings in her notebook pictures Great Cthulhu and the Elder Sign.
  • Ramona has a habit of playing with her left ponytail, probably from being nervous.
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