Post Mortem Records Edit

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The post-mortem records on the desk in Gilman Hotel's backroom.

This document can be found in the back office of the Gilman Hotel and describes the "relations" between Charlie Gilman and his victims.

Contents : Edit

The text reads as follow :

"She were a lively one no mistake. I kept her going as long as I could, for the music she were making. Such a pair of lungs. And after she were done, I found those lungs on her look as good as they sounded.
Maybe I’ll keep them. Her liver was particular sweet as well.
I never much wanted to go to New York, but if they all talk as much as this one I reckon I ain't missing much. Soon as he woke and saw the knives, he was away talking and pleading and bargaining for his life.
All them words made me dizzy, and I had to take his tongue first to stop him. In future I better wait a while after they eaten dinner, for his innards stank awful.
The bones was nearly all out before he died. I was real careful around the arteries, so as he didn’t lose any more blood than could be helped, and he lasted a lot longer for it.
The flesh moved on its own as he tried to work his arm, but with the boned gone there weren’t nothing it could do, just twitch. I took it out the strap so it could move free and I watched. The new gag worked much better and he was more quiet that the last."