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Entrance to the refinery complex

Marsh Refinery is an industrial complex located in Innsmouth for gold and chemicals processing. The building is (naturally) owned by the Marsh family.

History Edit

The refinery was founded around year 1840, when the first smoke started coming out of the refinery. It became the main source of income for the Marsh family and Obed Marsh (the head of the family) started to amass great wealth that didn’t go unnoticed in the neighbouring towns.

It was unclear from where did he acquire such a large supply of gold of "an unusual whitish color". What was actually happening is that Obed made a pact with the Deep Ones, from whom he got the gold, and he founded the Esoteric Order of Dagon and offered human sacrifices to them.

After 1846, the Marshes took full control of the city and their family continued to prosper. While it seems that for many years the refinery expanded (probably up until Obed’s death), it begun to slowly decline and by 1922 all but gold processing facility was out of function. The refinery was destroyed during the “Raid on Innsmouth” by the FBI that same year. 

Role in the game Edit

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Destruction of the refinery

FBI agent - J. Edgar Hoover - is certain that he can find some compromising evidence about the Marsh family inside the refinery, so he launches an attack on it. Jack is forced to accompany them as they make their way trough the building. Many FBI agents, unaware of the dangers that lurk inside, are killed. Still, Jack manages to find a way to the lower floors and confronts Jacob Marsh, it's manager. Eventually, Jacob is arrested and compromising documents are found, but not before Jack has to confront a Shoggoth and discover a secret shrine dedicated to Cthulhu. In the end, the refinery is leveled to the ground.

Trivia Edit

  • In the game the refinery looks like a large industrious complex, while in the book “The Shadow over Innsmouth” it is described as merely a former mill converted into a refinery