Lovecraft Country.svg

A map of Lovecraft Country

Lovecraft Country is a term used to describe the area of New England in which most of the Cthulhu Mythos stories take place including the plot of the game. The region is also referred to as Miskatonic Country or Miskatonic Region, named after the Miskatonic University in the town of Arkham.

The town of Innsmouth, central to the plot, is based on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean; while the neighbouring town of Arkham (in which the Arkham Asylum is located) is in the southern part of the region. The towns of Ipswich and Rowley are also mentioned, and the bus driven by Joe Sargent is driving from Newburyport towards Innsmouth and later Arkham.

Trivia: Edit

  • The towns of Newburyport, Rowley and Ipswich are real, but the towns of Innsmouth and Arkham are fictional.