Kanakies were a group of savage tribesmen that lived on some barely known island in the Pacific Ocean. They were led by a chief Walakea and they worshipped the Deep Ones as their gods.

Hoag's Travels: Edit

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The Natives of Tahiti

The first mention of the tribesmen comes from a Captain Abner Ezekiel Hoag and his book "Ponape" which explains his interaction with the natives and their culture. Hoag's book explains in detail how the life of the Kanakies was closely intertwined with their religion and their life cycle. He stated that their stories of the afterlife were not religious myths and legends but an actual fact. By Hoag's claim, the natives interbreed with their "god-like" beings. They also prayed to them and offered them human sacrifices to appease them. In return, they were reworded with strange and anatomically alien jewelry.

He also recounts alien underwater structures built by the Deep Ones and states that the greatest among them are Father Dagon and Mother Hydra, who are so old that they were alive before the first human walked upright.

At the end, Hoag claims he conversed with the Deep Ones himself and witnessed natives' ceremonies to the Deep Ones.

Obed Marsh's Travels: Edit

During March of 1823, Captain Obed Marsh from the town of Innsmouth was on a Pacific voyage to the island of Tahiti. On 6th of March, he the crew spotted the island that did not appear on the maps. After arriving on the shore, Obed realised it was inhabited by the natives - Kanakies. He spoke with a village elder- Chief Walakea, and hoped to trade something for gold, but the natives refused gold since they had it in great quantity.

Obed was intrigued by this and asked Walakea about it. After Walake's story about the Deep Ones, the two went to a smaller island nearby. There they visited ancient ruins which were of great importance to the Kanakies. Obed was fascinated by this and Walakea taught him the ritual to summon the Deep Ones by the use of metal disks and special chants.

In the following years, Obed continued his annual trade with the natives by bringing them fresh food and water in return for their gold. This made him a very rich man, but when he returned to the islands in 1838 he could find no trace of the natives. They were clearly destroyed by the natives from the other islands.

After losing all of his trade, Obed became desperate and in hope of returning his lost fortune and reviving Innsmouth, he founded the Esoteric Order of Dagon.

Trivia: Edit

  • In the Ponape Scripture there is no actual mentioning of the Kanakies, although it is safe to assume that the Islanders he refers to are in fact Kanakies.