The jailhouse is a seat of the local police in Innsmouth. It also seems to house the local policemen and is located not far from the railway station.

History: Edit

The jailhouse building is very old, since it stood there (at least) from the year 1846, when Captain Obed Marsh was arrested along with his followers. Obed spent some time in the jail, but was eventually freed when the Deep Ones attacked the city.

Role in the game: Edit

At the time of the game, the local Chief Constable Andrew Martin is in charge of the police. Since his transformation into a Deep One is in it's latter stages, most of the day to day business is run by Constables Birch and Ropes.

After the Order's raid of the First National Grocery Store, Brian Burnham, the store's manager, was arrested and put into jail here. The only prisoner along side him is mentally insane Henry Garrison.

During the mission "Jailbreak", Jack will have to sneak his way through the policemen and free Brian. There are two documents that can be found there: Ship logs of Captain Obed Marsh and a note containing details of the Oaths of Dagon. The paper with Oaths written on it can only be acquired by entering Garrison's cell; to do that it is necessary to give him a dead rat found in the sewers.