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The Gilman Hotel

The Gilman Hotel is the only hotel in the town of Innsmouth. It is run by Charles Gilman.

Role in the game: Edit

Right from the arrival in Innsmouth, it is possible to enter the hotel and speak with the receptionist Charile Gilman. It is obvious that the hotel is run down and that visitors are very rare. The ominous feel is ever present and Gilman will be very hesitant to talk.

After finding the Book of Dagon, Jack can ask Joe Sargent, the bus driver, will the bus be leaving soon; to which Joe will say that the engine is not working and that he will have to spend the night in the hotel.

A little snooping around will reveal that Gilman is a serial killer. If the player tries to exit the hotel, he will be stopped by Constable Nathan Birch who will say: "It is curfew tonight, command by the Order of Dagon", thus leaving the player with no choice but to spend the night.

Attack of the Fishmen: Edit

Later that evening, while Jack is asleep, he will be attacked by a group of Innsmouth citizens. Bolting the doors in two rooms will keep the citizens for a few moments, but it is necessary to act fast. Jumping from a window is a suicide, so the only option is to go to the other room connected by a door.

Bolting that door will again slow the citizens down. An old wardrobe on the other side of the room can be moved. Behind it are the doors leading to the next room (!! BUG: it is possible that the wardrobe is already moved all the way to the right and seemingly making the way to the next room open; clicking on the door will not open them, so it is necessary to move a wardrobe just a bit to the left, after that the doors should be able to open !!).

Moving on to the next room will reveal that the front door are not bolted; by bolting them a player should proceed to the next room and bolting the door behind. The front door in the next room don't have any bolts, so a wardrobe has to be moved in front of them. Now the player has enough time to move the wardrobe blocking the window and then to jump on to the next building.