First National Grocery Store is a store in Innsmouth based on the main town square. It is also cordoned off by the police since it is a crime scene for the local robbery.

Role in the game Edit

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First National Grocery Store

When Arthur Anderson, the regional manager of the First National Grocery Store chain, learns that the Grocery Store in Innsmouth was burglarised and that the store manager Brian Burnham is missing, he immediately arrives at the scene of the crime. He soon realises that the local authorities aren’t very trustworthy and after learning that Brian is their main suspect he returns home disappointed. Soon he hires Jack Walters, private eye, to investigate what actually happened.

When arriving to Innsmouth every citizen will act as if they never seen or heard of either Burnham or the National Grocery Store. When Jack finds the store he realises that it is cordoned off by the police, and constable Nathan Birch is guarding the back entrance while the main one is blocked.

A policeman isn’t very keen on talking about the crime and Jack quickly finds gaps in his interpretation of what happened (eg. Why would Brian force entry when he had the set of keys). Jack can try to persuade him into letting him in, but constable won’t give in. Jack will then have to get past the constable and when he enters the store he can examine the place.

There are charts that indicate that the store was doing quite well under Brian (even winning an award). In the office safe Jack can find a bottle of bootleg rum and a wooden handle. After taking those items Jack will have to escape from the constable who became aware of his trespass.