Father Dagon, or simply Dagon, is (possibly) a Great Old One and one of the leaders of the Deep Ones. He is worshipped by the Deep Ones and several other cults, amongst them the Esoteric Order of Dagon in Innsmouth.

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Dagon attacking Cutter Urania

Origins Edit

He rules as a monarch of the Deep Ones alongside his consort Hydra (or Mother Hydra). He may have come from outer space along with Great Cthulhu. However, the Mythos doesn't clearly specify if Dagon or Hydra are actual Great Old Ones, or merely millennia old overgrown Deep Ones, as they are functionally immortal, never dying of old age.

Lovecraft probably took inspiration for Dagon through the ancient Mesopotamian deity of the same name, which was a god of fish, shipping and fertility.

Inspiration: Edit

The etymology of the name is most likely derived from the Ugaritic word "Dgn" or Akkadian "Dagana". The Ugaritic meaning of the word is "grain". It is believed that he was worshipped among the people of: Ebla, Assyria, Ugarit and Amorites.

He is mentioned in the Bible however, where he is associated as the Philistines god of fish. This led to many associating him as a "fish-god" and "merman-god". Many scholars however, agree that he was worshipped as the god of fertility and agriculture.

Lovecraft's interest in Arabic and Oriental culture most likely led to him incorporating the ancient god into the Cthulhu Mythos.

Role in the game Edit

Dagon is one of the main antagonists of the game, being the leader of the Deep Ones who formed the Order. He is summoned by Robert Marsh on Devil's Reef during the US Marines raid on Insmouth and attacks the Cutter Urania while Jack Walters is onboard with a horde of Deep Ones. The two battle and Jack defeats him by shooting with the ships' main cannon at Dagon's head. It is heavily wounded and sinks down into the deep ocean, but not before taking the ship with him to the bottom of the seas. It is unclear whether Dagon was killed or wounded.

Trivia: Edit

  • One of the first better-known stories was "Dagon" (1917)
  • There is a horror film inspired by "The Shadow over Innsmouth" called "Dagon"
  • Dagon is mentioned numerous times in the Bible