Captain Stephen Hearst Edit

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Captain Hearst (left) and Officer Winter (right)

Stephen Hearst is a captain of Cutter Urania, he only makes a brief appearance after Jack is saved from the sea by the Urania sailors. After the fall of Innsmouth his orders were to take control of Devil’s Reef. He however was unaware of the Deep Ones’ existence, and after witnessing the slaughter of his crew members he will flee to his cabin. Unable to cope with all the horror he witnessed, Hearst will commit suicide by shooting himself in the head.

Officer Winter Edit

Winter is second in command of the ship, thus he was very close to Captain Hearst. They were planning the landing on Devil’s Reef. After Deep Ones attacked he will come on deck to check the situation.  Huge waves will then hit the ship, but Winter will soon realise they are not natural. He will then give Jack the authority to use the ship’s cannon. After the Deep One priests are defeated, the two then, along with Seaman Willie Thompson, will try to escape trough the ship. Winter will try to persuade the captain to open the door to the armoury, but he will commit suicide. Later while Jack tries to find a way to the captain’s chambers, Officer Winter and Thompson get killed and mutilated by Deep Ones.

Gene Henson Edit

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Henson can first be encountered patrolling the ship’s deck carrying a tommy gun. When the Deep Ones attack the ship he will guard the front door, preventing most of the Deep Ones to enter. Jack will have to get to the storage room to bring Henson some ammunition. In the meantime Henson will get wounded and will ask Jack to bring him a med kit from the infirmary. When Jack returns the two will continue to defend the entrance. After the Deep Ones retreat a huge wave, created by Deep One priests will hit the ship; unfortunately throwing Henson off the deck and into the sea.

Roy Baker Edit

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Baker is a cowardly ship engineer. He will refuse to help Jack fixing the ship’s engine, despite him being the engineer. After Jack returns and decides to check out the deck, he will try to seal the main doors (leaving Jack trapped on the deck). During this, a Deep One will sneak behind him and kill him.