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Constable Nathan Birch

"I'm reckoning you'd do well to mind your own business stranger. In Innsmouth we handle things by the old ways."
Nathan Birch is a half-breed citizen of Innsmouth that serves as second in command in the local police station.

Role in the game Edit

He can first be encountered near First National Grocery Store, guarding the back entrance. He will only be verbally hostile and will not allow Jack Walters to investigate the scene of the crime. After getting past the constable, Jack will be able to get inside, but the constable will soon realise this and attempt to stop him but only throwing him out. Only if Jack tries to hid in the cellar will he lock him in.

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Birch taking Ramona's dead body

Later he will appear with his lapdog Elliot Ropes to arrest Thomas Waite for the alleged murder of his daughter, after which he will set a cordon on one of the main streets of Innsmouth, preventing Jack to leave the town. After Jack is told that the bus won’t be leaving because of a broken engine, Jack will go to Gilman’s hotel in order to get a room for the night. Birch will then arrive asking Gilman to speak with him in private. If eavesdropped by Jack, he can be heard saying that he has a command by Robert Marsh himself and that the "outsider" must be killed tonight.

He is also seen later in the Jailhouse, where he is killed by Jack Walters.

Personality Edit

Birch seems to be arrogant and somewhat cowardly official. He will gladly remind Jack of “his place” and will sometimes be rude to Eliot Ropes, but will not hesitate to obey the orders of his superiors. He is also ambitious, since he hopes to take command of the police when his superior, Andrew Martin, leaves for Y’ha-nthlei.

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