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Elliot Ropes guarding the passageway to Dock Street

Elliot Ropes is one of the three Innsmouth’s policemen and can be considered the least influential of the three.

Role in the game Edit

He can first be encountered while guarding the passageway to Dock Street. One of the first things that can be noticed is his immense size. When talking to Jack, he will often be passive aggressive. He can also be heard threatening to other citizens not to speak to the “outsider” or they will get thrown in jail.

Later he is the one that drags Thomas Waite to the jailhouse. He also appears again in and around the jailhouse, where he is killed by Jack.

Personality Edit

Right from the start, it is clear Ropes isn’t the smart one and he seems to prefer brute strength over careful planning. Jack makes a comment regarding Ropes how he is nothing more than a thug. He can be considered Nathan Birch’s lapdog.