"You're still looking pallid sir. You're needing to have yourself some rest. Sleep well, and keep down the racket. Us in Innsmouth are quiet folk."
Charlie (Charles) Gilman is a half-breed citizen of Innsmouth. He was also the receptionist and unconfirmed owner of the Gilman Hotel in Innsmouth.

Role in the game Edit

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Charlie Gilman, killing his victim

Jack Walters can first encounter him right when he gets of the bus. He will be annoyed by his questions about the town and give him the advice that “Innsmouth isn’t a place for rumour and talking.” After learning that the bus is to be delayed till morning, because of a (supposedly) broken engine, Jack would have to find a place to stay during the night. When approaching Gilman hotel’s reception, Jack will overhear Joe Sargent and Gilman preparing to get “the outsider” killed tonight. But being unable to find another place to sleep in town, Jack reluctantly asks for a room for the night. When Gilman is asked by Constable Nathan Birch to speak in privacy, Jack takes the key to the back office (which was locked up until then) only to find morbid horror. The office is full of blood, guts and other body parts. It is confirmed (via some Post Mortem Records) that those are indeed Gilmans’ victims. When Gilman returns, he takes Jack to his room in the upper floor, and Jack has a vision of him murdering a victim with a hatchet. After leaving the room Gilman is seen only in a vision, giving the key to Jack’s room to the townsfolk mob trying to kill him. His ultimate fate is unknown.

Personality Edit

Gilman is most likely a psychopath/sociopath, a cannibal and a sadist since he is ready to kill his victims mercilessly, enjoying watching them die, and then eating them afterwards. He sometimes speaks in a (somewhat) friendly tone, but those are often broken by fits of rage and an unsettling aura that gives away his creepiness.

But with his remark about Jack being "pale" might indicate he found Jack unsettling.

Trivia Edit

  • It seems his killings go (suspiciously) unnoticed by the local police or community. It's more than likely that the Order used him to silence snooping outsiders.