"What? I'm the manager of the First National. Why the blazes would I rob my own store? They haven't even charged me with anything"

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Brian preparing for the escape out of town

Brian Burnham is the manager of the First National Grocery Store in Innsmouth. His disappearance is crucial for Jack’s arrival in Innsmouth.

Biography Edit

Brian Burnham is a family friend of Arthur Anderson, the regional manager of the First National, who gave him the job in Innsmouth. While not really happy because of where he is stationed, he doesn’t seem to care that much. He soon met a local woman, Ruth Billingham, and the two had a secret love affair, much to the disapproval of Ruth’s family (which is very influential in the town’s politics).

Brian also had great success in his job. Getting many customers and even wining an award for his work. This made him the enemy of the Order, since they no longer had trade monopoly over town. The Order then faked a robbery of the First National and accused Brian of robbery, imprisoning him in the jailhouse, while in public presenting the story of his escape.

When Arthur Anderson arrived at the scene of the crime, he was distrustful of the local authorities, so he hired a private detective Jack Walters to investigate.

Role in the game Edit

Brian Burnham is found by Jack Walters in the town jailhouse. While hesitant to trust Jack at first, after giving him a picture of him and Ruth, he will eventually come to trust Jack. The two will make their way to the nearby garage where Brian will fix an old truck. They will then attempt an escape from the town and will arrive at the fishing cannery to pick up Ruth.

Depending on Jack’s quickness to save Ruth, the three/two of them will again try to escape the town. During the escape, Brian will get shoot in the head after which FBI agents will try to help them, but the car will explode, most likely killing Brian (and Ruth if saved by Jack).

Trivia Edit

  • Burnham wasn't mentioned in the novel, but he was present in the rpg book "The Escape From Innsmouth", probably to give a reason to the investigators to involve themselves in Innsmouth's affairs.
  • He doesn't seem to be aware of the Deep Ones existence.