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Outside of the Arkham Asylum

Arkham Asylum is a mental institution in the town of Arkham, not far from towns of Newburyport and Innsmouth. It appears multiple times throughout the game, either through cutscenes or through Jack’s psychotic breaks.

Role in the game Edit

After Jack’s visit to the Harmonic House and his encounter with the Yithians, he was committed to the Arkham Asylum. After being diagnosed with severe schizophrenia he stayed there for some time. He was then realised, with doctor’s assumption that he presented no danger to either himself or others. His next six years will be spent on travel and study.

 After Jack escapes Innsmouth, he will be recommitted to the Asylum, but only briefly. There he will be interrogated by Federal Agent J. Edgar Hoover. Later that day he will get released, as he had to accompany Hoover and his men making a surprise attack on the Marsh Refinery.

Jack will be recommitted again after escaping from Y’ha-nthlei. This time however, will be the last time, and he will commit suicide in only a few days.

Trivia Edit

  • Apart from the name, it has no connection to the Arkham Asylum from DC Comics universe - although the name is probably inspired by Lovecraft's works.
  • Dr. Eric Hardstrom is one of the doctors in the Asylum